At Mijn bedels, you can save with great discounts! We offer the following savings programs:

1. You receive one "Mijn bedels" point for every € 5.00 that you spend with us. These points are visible on your account and can be converted into a voucher which you can spend in our store. The points are valid for 1 year so you can sit back and watch them add up!

2. Review our products and you will receive a voucher valued at a discount of 3%. 8 days after your order from our warehouse you will receive an e-mail from us. Here we ask you to review the products you have purchased. After your review you will receive the digital coupon which you can redeem with your next order.

3. Like & Share our products on Facebook and you will also receive a voucher worth a 3% discount by email.

4. Joining our referral program gets you a discount of 5%, even for your friend(s)!

5. After signing up for our newsletter you will receive a discount code which gives you a 10% discount on your order!

You can look at the above savings programmes yourself on your account!

Will you save with us?